Monday, December 29, 2014

Dear future husband,

This post is inspired by Meghan Trainor’s "Dear Future Husband".

"Dear future husband,
Here's a few things
You'll need to know if you wanna be
My one and only all my life..."

- Meghan Trainor

Dear future husband,

First, I want to let you know how lucky we are to have each other. I'll never say another "I do" with such adrenaline, to be yours for the rest of my life. I'll feel honoured to have taken up your family name and become part of it.

- I don't ever want to feel lonely -

But you need to also know I don't ever want to feel lonely. Maybe we'll have different working hours, but take your time off for me and we'll celebrate. Take me to a romantic dinner for two and hold my hand across the candlelit table. Buy me breakfast while I'm still sound asleep and return just in time to kiss me off our bed. You're back home late but you never fail to buy my favourite supper to console me for waiting up. 

- You'll love me even more -

Buy me flowers from time to time and I promise I'll grow a garden out of them. Keep giving me surprises and I promise I’ll love you deeper each time, if that’s possible. Put a smile on my face and I'll put one on yours. I'll turn your frown upside down from your day of hard work with your favorite food I keep failing to master. But I know you'll love me even more for that.

- Feel like we're young again -

I want you to be in the kitchen with me for our silly culinary master chef competitions and try not to burn down the kitchen. We'll have separate stations to prepare our food but we'll never fail to walk away to take a peek and steal some kisses. We'll do cute things that couples do, and feel like we're young again. Hug me from my back and kiss me on my neck, even though I might be too focussed on cutting up the garlics and onions. We make a big mess, but we both know the most creative people think best in messy environments.

- We'll not give up -

There will be bills, fines and fees to worry about, but we'll not give up. We'll soldier on side by side and conquer them all. There will also be the downs when we fight, but we will know that we care too much to hurt each other, and so we call a truce and kiss it away. Keep me calm when I start acting up and thinking too much again, and I'll feel safe in your embrace. We'll feel sad when the other is sick, but we become the best personal nurse one could ask for. 

- Remind us about us when we grow old-

I'll make you feel like we're in wonderland but assure you this is real. Shower me with kisses, just because you love me so much. Run away with me to paradise when I'm in need of a getaway from work, just the two of us. We will let the sun melt away our worries and take silly pictures to remind us about us when we grow old.

 - Our love is bigger -

We may not be the richest people but I want you to know our love is bigger than that. And our children will feel this love everyday even when we leave this world. We’ll nurture them together, scold them, guide them, pamper them, love them and they’ll always be our babies in our eyes no matter how or what they grow up to become. We’ll tell them about our great love and wish they find the same.

- Life would never be the same -

If I had a choice, I would want to leave this world with you, because it would be too much for me to handle living without you in this world. I won’t even be able to imagine when we start forgetting about each other, our children and grandchildren. Until then, I know that life would never be the same without you. 

With love,
Your future wife

Keep musing,

a look back into 2014...

So, I really can't believe 2014 is coming to an end soon... I mean, it feels like just last week that I was freed from the IB examinations (yes that was last year). But then again, so much has happened, and I'd like to share the top significant events this year... (in no sort of order whatsoever)

1. Joining NAFA

(sorry guys, I had to...)

I remember that just last year, I was still quite skeptical about NAFA, but with my ex violin teacher's encouragement and how she said I would be in good hands, made me make a leap of faith. NAFA has been a journey to me, even though it was just one semester. I've learned many many new things, technically, theoretically and historically. I've made many great friends as well, here in NAFA, without so much politics going on... Everyone is just encouraging to each other, seniors to juniors and vice versa. It is the first time I don't feel that I'm left out in a school, believe it or not...

2. First official job

This happened when the year started. I was introduced to work at Azzura the Gelato Bar at the new Katong V mall. And never have I thought I could so good at scooping ice creams! Hahaha, well and making coffee and latte art, of course. It was the first time I was independent financially as I stopped taking my monthly allowance from my mom. It was also at Azzura that I thought I became a much social person, making what I am today, not afraid to talk to strangers and non-strangers. It was only last year that I remember I am this super anti-social girl who don't talk to my relatives and just hide in her room, watching YouTube videos and surfing FaceBook. It was also here that I met many new friends and a very special one.

3. First studio photoshoot

This is all thanks to NAFA as well. I registered for a module called introduction to photography, because I was legitimately interested in it. I didn't know it could bring me to my very own first studio photoshoot, with my violin! If you follow my blog, you'd know that I have always wanted to model for something, act all vogue and cool. And here I have it! And for free! Somewhat..

4. First modelling photoshoot for a spectacles brand

Speaking of modelling, YES! I've been lucky enough to have been engaged by a publicity company to help model for a spectacles brand Tokyo Star Optical! You can read all about it in this link. I was so flattered when I got the e-mail I didn't believe it was real! And so I went for the shoot and it was so fun and all I ever dreamt of. Better yet, I was my own wardrobe stylist! And since it was a street style shoot, everyone was staring, and I've to admit I really loved the attention! I was living my dream...

5. Violin teacher who?

Yes, I became a violin teacher. For what? Well, to start earning money once again and hopefully lighten my family's financial burden. And of course to really start to get a taste of teaching, since that's a possible career path I'll be taking in the future. I have to say teaching the violin is hell of a task, but seeing your students improve from week to week, makes everything worth it.

6. First breakup

Breakups are always bitter, especially when you thought he was the one... It took a lot of heartaches and back and forth to even start talking about ending it, but we fight for our own happiness and so I fought. It was nonetheless painful but a phase I believe most people go through. That's how we grow up and find ourselves.

7. Happy results

I got the results of my first semester in NAFA, and I am happy with it! I really hope I can keep up this kind of results till I graduate or even better, have better results. The last time I was happy with my results was also this year when I got my IB results. Somehow, it made all the hard work seemed worthwhile. And nothing beats knowing how your hard work paid off right??

8. Comfortable in my own skin

This year is the first year I actually felt comfortable in my own skin. Before I had acne, I never knew how much smooth and clear skin would mean to me. As my puberty started and my acne worsened, I've never felt more embarrassed to go out and talk to people. This year, with the proper care and attention it needed years ago, I finally got comfortable in my own skin. My skin may not be perfect, but compared to last year and the year before, I am much more appreciative of it than ever. This also factored into me being much happier this year.

9. A good kind of busy

This year has been one of the busiest. And I don't mean busy studying, but more than that. I am getting invites to go for media events, store openings, product launches, blogging, going for rehearsals into the night, teaching at different places, hanging out, dating and many more... I just feel that this year has been a very rewarding year. And you know what they say, busy is always good! And with this good kind of busy, I'm lucky to have my Samsung Note 4 to help me keep up to it! I mean, I'm lucky to have been able to spend some days with my best friend even with such hectic schedules!

10. Love of my life

Saving the best for the last... I've just been really lucky to have met this love. Though it might be too early to say that he is the one, but I just got a feeling, you know? This love is so great, it consumes me, and to say the truth, I've never felt like that, ever. The constant feeling of missing him, crying my eyes off because I know we are going to separate, the long good byes, having a smile on my face thinking of him when I wake up? I mean, these are all kinda new to me. I love being around with him, because he never fails to make me laugh, even at his lamest jokes. When I look at him, all I want to do is to smile, even just thinking of him, NOW. I definitely hope for many more new years with him, because I'd never want to leave.

So there you go, my top 10 significant events of my life in 2014!

Keep musing,

Monday, December 22, 2014

3 Days to Christmas: - See Clear, See Light -

Get ready for a countdown because it's 3 days to Christmas! I'm sure some of my readers wear glasses, and if you're trying to find a new pair, you're lucky because this post is all about eye wear! I was recently engaged by Tokyo Star Optical to model for their brand in Singapore. These are a few photos I managed to take!

(cr: Publicist PR facebook)

(instagram: muse_estate)

Tokyo Star Optical, which is an optical concept store, was first established in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, Tokyo Star Optical has had 14 concept stores all over Asia since its inception. 13 of its stores are located in major shopping malls all over Tokyo and its 14th store is located in CityLink Mall, Singapore in November 2014 - the first flagship store outside Japan! 

So when I first got into contact with these glasses, the first thing that popped up was how lightweight it is. Furthermore, as I got to know the product more and more, I found out that these glasses only takes 15 minutes for collection. Yes, JUST 15 minutes! Better yet, they have a wide variety of glass frames to choose from!

They don't only sell glasses, they sell sunglasses too! Which I adore..

Adopting a 3-step process, it begins when the customers choose their desired frame, followed by the lens and lastly, the case. Should customers seeking expert opinion, they can consult dedicated Tokyo Star Optical’s eyewear advisors for professional advice or assessment. The eye wear advisers guide customers through every step of the process - selecting eye wear that is most suitable to the occasion, meeting customers’ needs and functionality, enhancing their strong features, complementing their overall look and style preference, and lastly comfort and fit.

Tokyo Star Optical is located at 1 Raffles Link, #B1-31 CityLink Mall, Singapore 039393
Opens daily from 11am to 9pm
Tel:(+65) 6532 0071
Follow them on their:
-     Facebook page:
-     Instagram: @tokyostaroptical

Well, I can't wait for the photos to be up, and just FYI, no high expectations, ok?!

Keep musing,

Sunday, December 21, 2014

4 Days to Christmas: - My Wishlist -

It's down to 4 days to Christmas! And I'll be sharing my Christmas wish list for today's post. These items are, well, some were desired long-ago, some just recent :) Me posting this might not make it easier for me to get them, but, you know, just sharing my wants with you guys. Most are really great products, so consider them an advertisement, I guess? Haha, here goes!

Chanel Caviar Leather Quilted Bag

Those who know me wouldn't be surprised that this is on top of my wish list. This is none other than a Classic Chanel caviar leather quilted bag. It is such a classic piece to own, one that you can even make it an inheritable piece for your daughter, grand-daughter, great-grand-daughter and so on. Chanel is known for its durability and definitely worth every penny of its worth.

Victoria's Secret Navy Lace Bikini

This next brand that I love and am obsessed with since last year is Victoria's Secret. It's really disappointing that Singapore doesn't sell their lingerie (bras and bikinis). I mean, what's the use of them being in Singapore like this, right? Anyway, I always wanted to try on their "add 2 cup size" series, so I've been eyeing on this pair of navy lace bikini! I mean I love the colour navy and find lace comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing as well, so this pair of bikini is the best of, well, 3 worlds!

Kate Spade 'Saturday' Crossbody Bag

Another brand that I adore is Kate Spade. Now that they have a sister brand Kate Spade Saturday selling at more affordable prices, I am in love! I've had my eyes on this crossbody bag since I first saw it on the racks. It's in the classic Gold on Black colour scheme.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

I've always wanted a digital instax camera, yes DIGITAL INSTAX camera. I'm really just talking about Fujifilm's instax mini 90. It is a beautiful beautiful photography piece. I mean, just look at it! It literally prints out your digital image just like any instax camera. I mean the idea just blows my mind all the time! It has all the features of a digital camera - timer, flash, exposure control, mode button, macro mode. Ya, you get the idea.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This next one, though I am not a fan of tons of makeup, but if I were to have one palette, it would be the Naked palette by Urban Decay. It features all the earthy and neutral colours, a wearable look for everyday and any event. And I've applied them on my hands, the pigmentation and colour payoff is really quite amazing.

Samsung S-View Cover for Note 4

Ok, so I am IN LOVE with my new Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and S-View cover looks totally awesome to protect my phone with. I really love this plum red colour one, it has a certain... classy feel to it which is always nice to have :)

Givenchy Antigona Bag

Antigona bags are really going viral now, aren't they, and they all started with Givenchy's perfect Antigona bag. I swear, nobody does it better than Givenchy. It is in such a perfect size and perfectly geometric, if that makes any sense... When I first saw it on the racks, I could not take my eyes off its perfect symmetry.. I'm not even kidding.

Christian Louboutin Bootylili 120 mm

Louboutins are well-loved by all fashionistas, obsessed with its unique red sole. I saw this pair of heeled boots and it's just the most beautiful thing I've every seen... I mean look at it! Perfect colour combination, perfect height, perfect curvature, perfect fabric (I love suede). Just, perfect...

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Silk Robe

And we're back to Victoria's Secret. Becoming a VS Angel (Model) is the dream of all models (other than walking for Chanel and Alexander McQueen, of course). The thing is, Victoria's Secret runway is aired on TV where all women and men watch it. The models are practically celebrities, aren't they? And what's more to having a piece of their glamour? With this silky kimono robe with "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show London 2014" embossed on it, you WILL feel like one of them. Wear it as often as you like, maybe just lounging at home, sleeping at night, napping or getting ready in the morning...

Hot Tools Spring Iron 1110

I love curly hair. I've had my fair share of having permed hair for a year (yes it stayed). It is really easy to just wake up with perfectly curled hair, but it's also really expensive. What I've been thinking is to opt for a hair curler. Yes, it takes up more time in the morning to get ready, but, for the price, sure why not? The thing about permed hair is that the first day of the perm, your hair is curly uncontrollably, it will look like some over-styled grandma hair. But this is necessary for it to stay curled for a longer period. So I feel that having a curling iron gives you more control over the intensity of the curls.

These are the top 10 on my wish list. What's on top of yours? Hope you enjoyed this post!

Keep musing,

Friday, December 19, 2014

5 Days to Christmas: - Music -

Here is a Spotify playlist curated by me, have a listen and if you like it, play it in your parties! It's an hour of non-stop music that you can play it on shuffle!

Hope you liked it!

Keep music,

6 Days to Christmas: Date ideas

It's 6 more days to Christmas! I mean, are you ready for it?? You might have your dates coming on soon, and if you have no idea where to go in Singapore, here are some ideas! But of course, this would depend on your budget!


Ok let's just start with the obvious and overly mainstream place: Orchard Rd. As repetitive as it could be, Orchard Rd is still the best place to go to feel the festive vibes. There are Christmas lightings, Christmas trees indoors and outdoors, camera-worthy decors outside the never-ending malls. I mean, just by walking down the street, you'd be feeling festive already!

Next would be to getaway island Sentosa. Sentosa is definitely a one-day (or more) place, meaning you'll be spending the whole day there because there's just so much to see! One being the renowned Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa. USS is now having a Christmas event special. S$50 for entry to USS from 5pm to 9pm. There will be special programs such as Fireworks, snowfall, Sesame Street special and Santa meet-and-greet! You can even enjoy the normal attractions in USS as well! All these for a special price of S$50 (U.P. $78).

If USS doesn't sound right to you, you can definitely check out the rest of the island, such as the beaches, the SEA aquarium, Adventure cove waterpark or take a good walk at Sentosa Cove to really feel the tranquility of the residences there. You can even catch Peter Pan the musical at Resorts World Theatre if you're a fan! Or maybe if you fancy museums, try the Trick Eye museum to take photographs that blow your friends' minds off!

Next we move to less mainstream activities. Have you heard of cafe-hopping? What I'm saying is, you eat from one cafe to the next, to the next, to the next. Sounds good? There are many hipster enclaves now in Singapore. There are the Tiong Bahru estate, Duxton Hill, Ann Siang Hill, Everton Park, Holland Village, Dempsey Hill and many more. Take your pick and you have a stomach-fulfilling trip with your date!

Click here for a guide to the Tiong Bahru cafes
Click here for a guide to Duxton Hill
Click here for a guide to Ann Siang Hill
Click here for a guide to Everton Park
Click here for a guide to Holland Village
Click here for a guide to Dempsey Hill

If you think that these hipster areas are still too mainstream for you and you're more adventurous, you can check out Kampong Lorong Buangkok. They are literally the last surviving kampongs in Singapore, and yes there are actually people living in there. You'd have to drive, cycle or take a taxi there though as it would take 30 minutes to walk from the nearest MRT. It is definitely camera-worthy, so prepare your camera and the most hipster outfit you have!


If none of these appeal to you, there's always movies you can catch! I personally love Golden Village, and if you want to splurge, buy tickets to the GV Gold Class theatres. They are super comfortable to watch long-running movies in. You can even order gourmet food while enjoying the movie! Some interesting movies showing now are the blockbuster Hobbit, Exodus, Interstellar, Mockingjay Part 1, Disney's Big Hero 6, Penguins and many more.

If you're up for it, you can even try their D-box theatre, which features 4D technology. Or, if you want it to be a romantic setting, Gemini theatres are great to isolate yourself from other couples.


Next, we have the luxury options such as fine-dining. This is also a perfect way to end the date! These are for all those who don't mind spending on their date. There are actually many fine-dining places in Singapore. There is the renowned Equinox, Tippling Club, Jaan Restaurant, 1-Altitude, Catalunya and many more. If you prefer Japanese, there is Waku Ghin, Shinki by Kanesaka and GOTO Japanese Restaurant.

If you want to try something totally different, try NOX Dine-in-the-dark. Although there would be zero eye contact (because you're literally dining in the dark together), it's a very special experience to have together and you can talk all about it after the meal!

Another unique experience would be dining in the ferris wheel. I feel that it is such a romantic gesture and experience as you dine together alone as you reach the highest point of Singapore. No one can possibly disturb you other than perhaps the butler or the waiter. But ya, you get the idea, right?


Feel like having a stay-cation? There are so many hotels in Singapore to choose from, and most of which are boutique hotels. We have themed hotels such as Wanderlust Hotel and New Majestic Hotel, boutique hotels such as Lloyd's Inn, BIG Hotel, The Pod Boutique Capsule Hotel, Studio M Hotel and Club Hotel. 

These hotels ensure that you have an unforgettable staying experience, and don't forget to take pictures for keepsakes! 

I hope this post have helped you come up with ideas for you date, and you're welcome! :)

Keep musing,

Thursday, December 18, 2014

7 days to Christmas - gift guide -

It's 7 days to Christmas. Are you still thinking of what to give your family and friends? Well, this post has just the right ideas for everyone in your life! Hope you'll figure it out soon!

These are for your techie friends. A wide range of electronics you can give, from smartphones to Blu-Ray player to game consoles. I'm sure your friend will love you for it.

These are for your fashionista gals. You've got a whole range of fashionable items from sunglasses, bags to makeup. There's definitely something for that someone!

These are for your men in your life. High-end luxury items from a suit, shoes, bags to a designer flask. Your guy is bound to love you for it!

How can we forget our parents? They are the most deserving of your gifts! Give them a getaway to Maldives or Hawaii, some high-end luxury toiletries and furniture. And for you mum, jewellery will never go wrong!

Hope you found some inspirations from this gift guide! Happy shopping!

Keep musing,

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8 Days to Christmas: Top Shop Outfits

This is counting down 8 days to Christmas and I'm featuring Topshop dresses! Topshop designs are a bit more quirky and unique but still at relatively affordable prices, definitely for the edgy and bold kind of girl! 

This first dress (S$116) has the right amount of daintiness and edge. Daintiness from the pink tulle skirt white the edge from the plunging neckline and off-shoulder sleeves. So cute! I pair this with some gem hairband, fringe sling bag and the super comfy pink vans. Rock princess is the word!

This next dress (S$106) is a conservative yet flattering piece to don on for the festive season. The outfit revolves around orange and red, to really bring out the festive mood/colour. This is for the conservative girls who still want to rock it for Christmas parties!

This Strappy Lace Bodycon dress (S$139) is a very exquisite piece, I mean, the straps, the shape, the waistband and the lace are all done en pointe. I paired this with a brown faux fur vest and matching wedges. You can opt for a black heel as well! The clutch is just a big finale to the outfit. Grand, sexy and unique. 

This last Diamante Maxi dress (S$139) is ballroom-appropriate! It doesn't really need a lot of accessories as it should be the piece that stands out the most. Put on a red lip, a simple clutch and heels, you're good to go!

I hope these series of outfits have inspired you for Christmas outfit ideas!

Keep musing,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 days to Christmas - quotes -

It's 9 more days to Christmas and I'm giving you guys some of the quotes that I love to bring you guys through the day or even through the year!

1. "You must not be afraid to dream a little bigger."

If you follow my blog, you know I'm a firm believer of dreams and what impacts it could have in your life. If you dream small, you aim small, but if you dream big enough, you will eventually work towards it to fulfil the greatest. Even if you don't succeed, you know that you've tried your best and have lived a life worthwhile.

2. "A great relationship is about two thing. First, appreciating the similarities, and second, respecting the differences."

There can never be two identical person, there must be differences that you'll eventually realise. When you just start off in a relationship, you notice all the similarities that you both have and you keep hanging on to it, but when the differences start to set in, you feel that it changed and you start to lose hope. But what is valuable in a relationship is how you manage to respect these differences, and also what makes the relationship last forever.

3. "Actually, I can."

There are surely times where the voices inside your head, or even outside, tell you you can't do this or not capable of pulling it off. The voices inside your head are difficult to push away, but the voices outside, meaning from the people around you, that try to not let you do what you want to do, you have the ability to push them away. Tell yourself that you can and will succeed. Prove them wrong!  

4. "A simple hello could lead to a million things."

"Hello! I am..." is always a safe first line when you meet a stranger. What you don't know is what could come out of it from this simple line. It could be a friendship, a best friend, a lover, a god-sibling, sometimes an enemy, but you wouldn't know until you tried it. It makes you more sociable and expand your social circle. I feel that meeting anyone at any point in time is the doing of fate, so why not take a leap on it and see what might bloom from this meeting?

5. "What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it."

You know what they say "YOLO" You only live once. Life is really fragile and short. You wouldn't know what might happen the next day or the next second. I feel we should all cherish life and live it to the fullest everyday every minute. Do the things you love and what you feel is important to you. Don't waste any of it!

I hope this post has inspired you today and in the days to come, whether you're having a bad day or not.

Keep musing,

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days to Christmas: H&M Picks

Christmas is right around the corner, are you guys excited?? Well, I've got a treat for you guys, welcome to a new series "10 days to Christmas", where I'll be posting content everyday in preparation for Christmas! Today, we'll kick off this series with my favourite shopping destination, H&M. All these outfits revolve around a H&M dress, which are available in stores!

What I love about H&M is that they make designer pieces available at affordable prices, which is, you know, what could be better right?

This first outfit features a black maxi dress with sparkly stones around the neckline ($S$99.90). I feel the sparkly stones are very festive-appropriate, adding a bit of glam but not overdoing it at the same time. I paired this with a silver belt to accentuate the waist, a pearl clutch and a pair of heels.

This second outfit inclines towards the foxy side with a black lace dress (S$99.90). I think lace is a very feminine touch to any outfit, sets you in a festive mood as well. For this dress, I paired with nude colours to really bring out the lace. So, nude clutch, belt and heels. 

I love this flared dress (S$119), it's in such a festive colour and cute! This is definitely a party dress and the red will really make you stand out from the crowd! If you're afraid of the cold, I would suggest putting on a faux fur vest, so as not to take away the glamour of this dress, but rather accentuate it! I paired this with a lace clutch and a pair of heels. 

This next outfit features a long-slit dress (S$79.90). With a plunging neckline and a long-slit, you have already won... You'll be the centre of attention in any party, though I'm not sure about family functions :) This is such a glamorous dress at such affordable price, and so I bring out the gold with a gold bangle and clutch. A heel is all you need to top this outfit off. 

I hope this post has inspired you for your Christmas outfits!

Keep musing,